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Covid-19 is a new pathogen, but it's nature is actually quite well understood in terms of Chinese Medicine, which categorises it as a cold-damp invasion. As such we can make excellent preparations to keep strong and stand a good chance of not being strongly impacted should one get it as outlined below:

Stages of managing coronavirus:

1. Preventative Stage

Keep the basic function of the body at optimal level to allow the immune system to work at full function to keep pathogens at bay.

One of the best approach for prevention, in general, is the natural approach of daily exercise, nourishing food, good relaxation and good sleep.
East west clinic is able to prescribe in addition to this approach tonics that can enhance the energy of the body, which in turn boosts the functioning of the immune system, and directly available for the shop is the excellent Immune-Boost Tonic. Click on the link above or here to log-in or register at the shop.

2. Treatment Stage

Use the full breadth of Chinese Herbal medicine to combat the symptoms including respiratory distress. Acupuncture could theoretically be used here, as it is in China, but here in the UK we are able to prescibe personalised herbal formulas to exactly match symptoms.
This is done remotely via telephone/ skype with Remedies can be given at short notice and even delivered the same day if in the Farnham area, according to availability. Go to booking page for that.

3. Recovery Stage

>>> After the infection has subsided herbs are used to rebuild the body's function and get the person up and running again. Like the stage above a personalised formula dispensed via a telephone booking. Go to booking page for that.

If you have any questions about this do reach out. I am available via text on 07979 311752 or use the contact form in the footer below.

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