Female Fertility

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine Is of course very well known in the treatment for female fertility. This is definately either with a view to a natural fertility support path or else as a special collaborative service of acupuncture for IVF.

To this end I know and collaborate with fertility servies in Surrey and can provide vital extra understanding and support when is comes to reading and interpreting hormone results.


For at least the last 20 years acupuncture has had a proven track record in fertility. Acupuncture for IVF is the most studied area scientifically, which gave rise to a number of standard protocols like the Paulus protocol. I don't follow protocols per se, as I always think it is best to treat women individually on a case by case basis. See the FAQ below for more.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Now to add to the transformational change of weekly acupuncture treamtent many women use Chinese herbal medine. This really is the ultimate fertility treatment and I highly recommend it. I use an amazing formula I have devleloped over the years to assist with this, which I call the Ultimate Fertility Formula. It has 10 herbs including the incredible (and well known) ginseng that has thousands of years of empirical use to aid fertility in China.

The formula is given in weekly courses of £35 a week. To order the formula you can simply add this on to your acupuncture treatment, or else if you want the formula alone just contact me and I will arrange it from there.

Related conditions


If you have been given the diagnosis of PCOS you are no doubt interested in methods that can make a real difference. I have had a number of PCOS patients and had really good results from them, resulting in a number of successful pregnancies. PCOS fits a certain Chinese Medicine syndrome (called Internal Rheum or Dampness) very well... and the treatment for that syndrome is usually very effective indeed.


This is actually very well understood in Chinese medicine and treatment is quite straightforward. Regular acupuncture sessions are the key to sucess, which aim to imporve the flow of blood, reduce adhesions and ease pain and stress.

Pre-Conception Plan

This time is of immense importance to the process of conception within both eastern and western approaches, when preparation for the process of conception, whether natural or assisted take place.It allows the energy and physiology of the body to be balanced and useful dietary and lifestyle approaches to be implemented before the time of conception starts. Remembering that it takes 3 menstrual cycles for a follicle to develop into a egg in the ovary, I recommend expecting ideally this time to last 3 months.

Conception Plan

This time uses the very latest scientific research of both western and eastern approaches to support the process of conception. Weekly treatments provide close harmonisation of the body’s energy and physiology. Depending on the patient we will be using either an assisted conception (IVF) acupuncture set of treatment principles or else a natural conception set as the basis of treatment.

First Trimester Plan

All fertility patients and specialists know that successful treatment for fertility do not just encompass the time up to a successful pregnancy test. It is vitally important to see the process of early pregnancy to the end of the first trimester through with weekly treatment designed to stabilise and enhance the health of the growing baby and the mother alike.

Pregnancy acupuncture

After the second trimester the pregnancy is considered stable and working well. Unless other health or pregnancy issues are coming acupuncture treatment can still be of use on a occasional basis to assist the health and wellness of the pregnancy.

For couples considering acupuncture for IVF I always recommend a 3 cycle i.e. 12 week series of sessions.

Yes, book me in for fertility treatment!

Female Fertility Acupuncture FAQ

Do you follow set protocols?

Some practitioners use set protocols in their practice. My approach is different: I use traditional diagnosis and follow from what that says to produce an individualised approach. Such is the strength and breadth of the Chinese medical tradition associated with the treatment of fertility that a person recieving treatment will usually also feel better in themselves: increasing vitality, and decreasing stress responses.