Patient Registation and Essential Consultation

Who should register?
This essential consultation process is designed for people who meet both of the two following two conditions:

1. They are fundamentally well and healthy and are seeking support to keep well.
2. They are free of infection (like coronavirus) in the short term.

If either of the two conditions above are not met you should not use this form, but instead ask me for a video consultation.

If the above conditions are both met, you can register as a patient at East West Clinic with this form, which will send essential information to allow me to make an assessment of your health in relation to proceeding safely onto the formulas page with tailored recommendations of what formulas and at what dosage you can order.

What happens after I submit the form?
Form feedback will be usually given by e-mail or text, and after that you can go onto the formulas page at East West Clinic's website. Occasionally the consultation needs to include a telephone or video meeting to give a more accurate level of information to me and better level of feedback to you. If that's the case I'll arrange it with you as soon as we can manage it.

Next Step - Fill in the form:

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