Male Fertility

If you have made it this far in investigating male fertility well done!

I am convinced that the male side of the "fertility equation" has been, up to this point, not well addressed.

For this reason I have taken specialist training in male fertility and am convinced of its benefit. Three specialised treatment paths are offered:


Male infertility has been sucessfully treated with acupuncture for many years. The acupuncture points for male fertility are chosen to specifically enhance the functioning of the reproductive system. But don't worry, no needles need to be placed on those actual organs! The points chosen are usually on the lower arms and legs, some on the abdomen, ocassionally on the back.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

I make right here in the clinic something that is a powerful help in male fertility, the Ultimate Fertility Formula.

This formula supports every aspect of the male reproductive system. Taken daily it also makes one feel more energised and calmer. A unique blend of 10 herbs tradionally used for fertility including the "super-hero-herb": Ginseng. The blend also will boost libido in a natural way, which is an important factor in overall fertility of the couple.

The cost of the formula is £5 a day: £35 a week. It can be ordered when you come for acupuncture treatment, but can be usefully purchased and used as a standalone treatment. This is something that many men find useful as a long term treatment option. I can send the herbs in 4 week packs without the need for ongoing face to face treatments.

Male Fertility Coaching

Support for men with their fertility journey is very important. Many men describe needing more support, more information, and more ideas about what to do to improve their fertility health. The coaching covers three areas:

  1. Lifestyle advice: work-life balance, under/ over exercise, what to do - what not to do for male fertility.
  2. Diet advice: a sensible and practical way of imporving diet and maintain a balance of not over-planning.
  3. Stress and emotions: understanding better the fertility journey and about how to keep calm in the process.

Coaching can be booked online with a special code that I send you, and takes place either in person or by zoom. Contact me first for more information. The fee for coaching is £60 for a 45 minute session.

Yes, book me in for male fertility treatment!

Acupuncture for Male Fertility FAQ

In what way does treatment for male fertility matter?

There are two ways in which male fertility matters. First and foremost it can in many cases be way more important than female factors, which is obvious when there are specific problems with the male system e.g. DNA fragmentation. For this acupucture treatment for the man is of course, important, or essential for optimising the outcome of fertility treatment.

The second reason is much more subtle, and is to do with harmonising the energy of the male partner to all him to better resonate with his partner. That might sound far-fetched, but to be "well matched" is more than looks and personality of partners: it is also about allowing the energy of both sides of the partnership to flow better, be better, and thus enable what is sometimes termed, "the fertile fizz"