Energy-Plus Tonic

£ 30.00

On the frontline in the fight against stray viruses, this formula boosts the body's resources allowing an improved response to pathogens! The top formula to prevent coronavirus, this formula removes uses special herbs to remove damp obstruction in the body, and a ginseng-like herb to give an energy boost, thus allowing the immune system to work at full strength. The combination of these actions boosts the functioning of the immune system and keeps the core energy of the body strong. This formula is the classic blend called "four dignities formula" to boost the energy or qi of the body. For nearly a thousand years in China it has been used to support and nourish the core energy that keeps us going day by day. It's mild and gentle formulation is suitable for long term use. It has been shown also to bring benefits to those with diabetes and also those recuperating from long term illness and treatment from serious diseases like cancer. 2 weeks supply, or as directed by East West Clinic.


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