The shop is intended to be used by those who are generally well and healthy and looking for a way to enhance their health and wellbeing with supportive tonic formulas. Those who have more complex conditions including infections should seek a more detailed consultation process with me: If you are in any doubt of the suitability of the formulas for you please contact me directly via the form in the footer below.

The shop stocks tonics and teas that are safe to take for long periods of time. Their effectiveness works in part by taking them for a while, to allow the body's natural health, balance and function to be restored.

One of the new products, created as a response to coronaviris is called Immune-Boost Tonic is and is specifically recommended for enhancing the function of the immune system. A 2 weeks supply is available for £30.

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If you have any questions about this do reach out. I am available via text on 07979 311752 or use the contact form in the footer below.

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