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For regulatory reasons to use the shop you must register or log-in using the buttons above. When registering you will need to enter basic medical details and health goals which will be reviewed by Jamie Hamilton right after you have registered and after every purchase you may make.

What's in the shop?

The key offering of the shop is the collection of tonics. These tonics are very gentle and supportive of the system and have been designed to be taken in all situations of health. Based on traditional useage, these are meant to be taken on a medium to long term basis and their effect can be best thought of as cumulative... Gently strengthening and enhancing our core energy and wellbeing.
The four tonics in the shop are:

A tonic is a Chinese herbal medicine blend, supplied in a powdered form. I use top quality ingredients and blend and powder the tonics myself here in the East West Clinic herbal dispensary. There are no animal ingredients or plants that are endagered in these tonics (or any herbal products that I supply).
With the powered herbs, every day you make a strong tea like drink. One benefit of these tonics is that they all taste great, so that means you are likely to enjoy taking them, while knowing that they are doing you good!

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