Energy Plus Tonic

£ 42.00 for 1 month course

This tonic is a classic formula for increasing energy and reducing fatigue. This tonic known as "Four dignitaries" or sì jūn zī tāng 四君子汤 has been used since at least the early twelfth century in China. Its gentle formulation accumulates in action day by day and is ideal for long term use.

It has a blend of 4 ingredients, each one boosting energy: these ingredients work together to enhance the functioning of the body in many different ways.

Ingredients by proportion:

Codonopsis Radix dǎng shēn 党参 4g
Atractylodis macrocephalae Radix bái zhú 白术 3g
Poria fú líng 涪陵 3g
Glycyrrhizae Radix praeparata zhì gān cǎo 炙甘草 2g

1 month supply (32 daily doses of 12g each). 384g of powdered product.

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