Immune Boost

Immune Boost Tonic

£ 45.00 for 1 month course

This is an excellent tonic that ensures the good working of the immune system: on the frontline in the fight against viruses, this formula boosts the body's resources allowing an improved response to pathogens!

The top formula to prevent coronavirus specifically, this formula removes uses special herbs to remove damp obstruction in the body, with the addition of Cinnamon, to gently warm the body and keep colds at bay, plus a ginseng-like herb to give an energy boost. The combination of these actions boosts the functioning of the immune system and keeps the core energy of the body strong.

This formula is based on a formula found in the 3rd century classic the Shang Han Lun, and has been used by generations of doctors in China to keep clear of disease.

Ingredients and daily dose:

Codonopsis Radix dǎng shēn 党参 4g
Poria fú líng 涪陵 4g
Atractylodis macrocephalae Radix bái zhú 白术 3g
Cinnamomi Ramulus guì zhī 桂枝 3g‍
Glycyrrhizae Radix praeparata zhì gān cǎo 炙甘草 2g

1 month supply (32 daily doses of 15g each). 480g of powdered product.

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