Male Vitality Tonic

£ 48.00 for 1 month course

We take the boosting Energy plus tonic and add two more with proven track records in enhancing your vitality: Tu Si Zi and Gou Qi Zi (Goji berries). This formula could be considered the male equivalent of the Female Fertility Tonic and is also a great way to improve male fertility.

It can be used as a stand alone tonic for long term use or as a perfact complement to acupuncture treatment.

Codonopsis Radix dǎng shēn 党参 4g
Atractylodis macrocephalae Radix bái zhú 白术 3g
Poria fú líng 涪陵 3g
Lycium barbarum gǒu qǐ zǐ 枸杞子 3g
Cuscutae Semen tù sī zǐ 菟丝子 3g
Glycyrrhizae Radix praeparata zhì gān cǎo 炙甘草 2g

1 month supply (32 daily doses of 18g each). 576g of powdered product.

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