Acupuncture and Wellness

Acupuncture is great at rebalancing our system and treating many conditions. Part of our recovery from specific conditions, and keeping well, is by using specific methods of self help that are well promoted in Chinese Medicine. These methods are nutritional advice, self stretching and acupressure, and meditation methods.

I have a series of nutrition fact-sheets that are published on the blog.

I will often show self stretching and acupressure points to complement treatment at the end of an acupressure session. I realised recently that it would be useful to also publish self-help videos with these acupressure points and also special stretching routines. Here below are the self-help videos I have published to date:

1. Acupressure for Shen Men - Heart 7 (Shén Mén 神門 Ht 7)

2. Acupressure for Nei Guan - Pericardium 6 (Nèi Guān 内关Pc 6)

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