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East West Clinic is the acupuncture clinic of Jamie Hamilton treating a wide variey of conditions including anxiety, headaches, IBS, and back pain. My major specialites are acupuncture for fertllity and acupuncture for insomnia.

Rediscover your natural wellness at East West Clinic

Acupuncture for Fertility

I am a fertility acupuncture specialist: training with the Zita West practice and an Advanced Fertility Diploma. I treat female fertility, male fertility, PCOS, endometriosis and recurrent miscarriage, with a view to a natural fertility path or acupuncture for IVF treatment. Chinese herbs for fertility are available, making treatment all the more effective.

Chinese medicine provides excellent support for couples seeking to improve their fertility. It can give all important rebalancing to hormones and blood-flow in the body, ensuring the optimal development of ovaries, eggs, uterus and sperm.

See the page: Acupuncture for Fertility for more.

Acupuncture for Insomnia

Treatments for sleep problems nearly always include acareful assessment of the emotional condition of the person and the treatment will encompass helping the person feel more balanced emotionally.

I offer a unique 12 week treatment package of insomnia acupuncuture called the "Good Sleep Pack": check out my page Acupuncture for Insomnia for more.

Transformational care with weekly treatements

My core approach in the clinic is the practice of giving regular weekly treatments. This is very important to set goals to aim for and deliver improvements that we can see and feel. With weekly treatments, ideally taken at the same time of the day and week, the effect of the acupuncture treatment begins to build up so that solid progess is made. This rythmn of treating can then improve every aspect of one's body, emotions and mind: tuning into the wellness inside. With so many ways of approaching any problem that with persistance, positive change can be achieved.

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“4 sessions of acupuncture and your magic heat lamp have totally sorted my back and knees. Thank you! I'll be back for maintenece sessions." Mr. I.F. of Farnham

Conditions Zone

I am focussed on treating the main thing you have come with. I will listen to the problem, research it and try and work on getting it better. I have a character, clinicially of never giving up. If it seems I can't help you as well as I would like, I have access to supervisors and a network of other practitioners to get a solution!

Acupuncture is a well proven path to treat all manners of pain, be it muscular, arthritic or internal (for instance digestive pain). It is also useful for general pain syndromes where pain is felt throughout the body. For most conditions I am able to add the wonderfully soothing effect of a heat lamp for the area affected, and with that the use of a special warming balm that I actually make right here in the clinic called Purple Dragon Joint Balm this is also available for use at home and can be purchased in the clinic shop online or actually physically at the clinic when you attend your session.

Many sorts of musculoskeletal pain, such as plantar fascitis, tennis elbow and sciatica are  often referred to an acupuncturist, very often by general practitioners and hospital consultants. Indeed acupuncture has so well embraced by the medical community that doctors and physiotherapists are learning this healing art for themselves. However, as degree educated traditional acupuncture practitioners, we feel that we are best placed to give this treatment form.

The Conditions Zone is a series of pages explaining how acupuncture can help treat a wide variety of common medical conditions.
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East West Clinic provides focussed, evidence based acupuncture for:

Muscles and Joints

Neck and Shoulder Pain
Lower Back Pain
Knee Pain

Pain Syndromes

General Pain

Mental and Emotional Conditions


Gynecology, Fertility and Pregnancy

Morning sickness

Miscellaneous Conditions

weight loss

Ask me your general FAQ

I've been searching for "best acupuncture near me". Can you help?

I hope so! I've been doing acupuncture in Farnham for over 15 years and I am commited to helping clients find a sustained improvement to their health and wellbeing.

Which side of Farnham are you based? Are you near Lower Bourne?

The clinic is based on the south side of Farnham. Yes I am right in Lower Bourne, just off the Bourne Green.

How near are you to Alton?

My google maps says it is 11 miles and an easy 20 minute drive. A number of my patients also come from that direction e.g. Alresford and Four marks.

Located in leafy Lower Bourne in peaceful South West Surrey
Near to Farnham, and easily reached from Guildford, Alton and Hazelmere
Parking right in front of the practice

East West Clinic
9 Dene Lane
GU10 3PW
07503 281105

Local Authority Approved
Jamie Hamilton is a member of the British Acupuncture Council
A member of the Fertility Support Company Advanced Diploma Practitioners
Registered with the Professional Standards Authority
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