Rebalance with
Chinese Medicine

Rebalance with Chinese Medicine


To East West Clinic, Farnham's number one practice for Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine. For professional, caring and affordable treatment: this is the clinic of Jamie Hamilton, and has provided acupuncture and Chinese medicine in Farnham for over 12 years. I now offer a secure online booking system and card payments both online and at the treatment.

This practice has just been rebranded as was formerly known as Farnham Acupuncture and Wellness. If you were going to that site you will have been redirected here and you are very welcome!

East West Clinic provides a full service Chinese Medicine practice with acupuncture, herbal medicine, cupping and full use of a herbal external balms. The practice is based in peaceful Lower Bourne, easily reached from Farnham town centre and you can park right outside the treatment room. The practice is  from Farnham in peaceful Lower Bourne, with free parking right outside the treatment room,

This is a full service Chinese Medicine practice in a beautiful custom-made building for giving the whole range of acupuncture treatments, additional techniques like cupping, and Farnham's only Chinese Herbal Medicine dispensary.

Acupuncture is part of the Chinese Medical tradition, with an unbroken literary and practical lineage that stretches back two thousand years. However it is a medicine very much of the present day, with its flexible and adaptable approach that looks for the integrated workings of body, mind and emotions. One thing about my approach is that I will always keep trying to look for a solution to your condition and not give up! With so many ways of approaching any problem that with persistance, positive change can be achieved. And when it comes to keeping well, the acupuncture approach is great, as I will look to rebalance your system, and keep the vitality that is naturally present moving. For more about acupuncture treatment including information about the various conditions acupuncture treats, go to the About page.

I have a degree level training and use a traditional chinese medical approach brought right up to date into the modern age with effective and reliable treatments for a variety of conditions like insomnia, knee and back pain, tiredness, hot flushes to name a few.

Acupuncture itself has become very popular recently for two major areas: Infertility and pain, and for this more information can be found on the page Conditions. To the approach of acupuncture I can now add the incredible power of fully customised herbal treatment. This can both speed up and even make more effective the treatment approach. The practice also has two major area of clinical focus, as found on these pages: Acupuncture for Fertility and Acupuncture for Pain (including acupuncture for back pain). Backed up by active clinical studies I have been carrying out since last year, the new clinical speciality for East West Clinic currently being developed is Acupuncture for Insomnia. I use the results of the trials I am undertaking, plus other research validated approaches to provide an excellent effective approach for this challenging health condition. For more details for this see the data from my 2018 trial here.

Treatment is not just getting well but keeping well too. I advocate a long term approach to nearly all treatment, and give tailored lifestyle and dietary advice. To complement this, here on the website is wellbeing advice and special self treatment videos on the Wellness page. 

Explore Chinese Medicine with the Blog looking at a range of subjects from meditation to nutrition. If you need to ask a question or to make a booking, including using the online booking system, go to the Booking page.

“4 sessions of acupuncture and your magic heat lamp have totally sorted my back and knees. Thank you! I'll be back for maintenece sessions. 
Mr. I.F. of Farnham
"My Chinese Medicine experience with Jamie has been superb! I loved the integrated approach of mind- body and emotions that I had heard so much of and can now see how well it all comes together. I came seeking help with my really stuck sleeping problems and have now really improved." Mrs W.T. of Lower Bourne
Jamie Hamilton Acupuncture Practitioner

Jamie Hamilton Lic. Ac., Bio:

MBAcC, BSc (Hons) Acupuncture, MRSS(T). I have been in practice with Chinese Medicine since 2003. With my training ranging initially from therapeutic massage with the Maitri Foundation and shiatsu with the European Shiatsu School (ESS) with the great Chris Jarmey and George Dellar. I taught shiatsu for the ESS starting in 2006 and for my own school: East West College, from 2009. In that same year I started my acupuncture degree at College of Integrated Chinese Medicine (CICM) with the wonderful Angie and John Hicks who inspired the sense of importance to consider the emotional aspect of treatment. My herbal medicine training started in 2018 with the Jing Fang Apprenticeship with master herbalist Fran Turner.

I have been interested in Chinese medicine since 1987 when travelling in China where I was involved in a serious bike accident. I met a blind Chinese medicine practitioner there who used a variety of effective methods to heal my injured arm, and this planted the seed for my Chinese Medicine practice.

My recent major area of development since 2015 has been with the practice of Applied Channel Theory as taught by the incredible practitioners Dr. Wang Ju-Yi, Dr. Jason Robertson. and Johnathan Chang I have been fortunate to have met and studied with Dr. Wang in Beijing in 2016 as well as taking advanced seminars with Jason and Johnathan in Switzerland and Beijing.

I continue to teach, occasionally for colleges in the U.K. and am now co-principal of East West College, providing innovative CPD courses for acupuncture practitioners.

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