Please go ahead and choose your treatment option using my online system, then book your time. If you need help with doing it just get in touch on 07979 311752 and I will help, or use the contact form at the bottom of the page to send an enquiry.

>> If this is your first visit for any treatment then choose:

First Consultation
The starting point for your treatments and the chance for a full and detailed assessment of your health condition and needs. I will take a full medical history and do a very detailed Chinese Medical diagnosis. I will explain the treatment options and give a first treatment of acupuncture, shiatsu, herbs or acupuncture and herbs combined. If Chinese Herbal medicine is dispensed the cost of the herbs is £5 - £7 a bag depending on the complexity of the formula.
> Up to 90 minutes in duration.
> £75. If herbs are presrcibed, plus herb cost at £5 - £7 a bag.

>> For all other visits choose one of the following:

Acupuncture and Herbs Combined

My top level treatment to thoroughly address most health conditions. A normal acupuncture session with added Chinese Herbal medicine dispensed while during the treatment. The cost of the herbs is £5 - £7 a bag depending on the complexity of the formula.
> About 75 minutes in duration.
> £65 plus herb cost at £5 - £7 a bag.

Acupuncture Consultation
This classic acupuncture treatment is available and will often include other aspects of treatment as needed including specialist massage techniques, the application of warming herbal pastes and the use of a heat lamp.
> About 60 minutes in duration.
> £55

Shiatsu Treatment
The ultra nourishing, relaxing and reviving traditional Japanese Massage Therapy.
> About 60 minutes in duration.

Herbal Consultation and Dispensing
This is a full Chinese Herbal Medicine service, includes dispensing of whole herb formulas made while you wait. The cost of the herbs is £5 - £7 a bag depending on the complexity of the formula.
> About 45 minutes in duration.
> £55 plus herb cost at £5 - £7 a bag

I still accept cash in the clinic, but most patients use card payments when you book or in the clinic.
Cancellation Policy:
So that everyone can get access to appointments and allow the clinic to run well I have the following condition:
Less than 24 hours notice of change: 100% fee.
However normal extenuating circumstances are considered.

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Situated about 1 mile south of Farnham in the peaceful surroundings of Lower Bourne. Easy, free, parking at the treatment room. Within reach of Guildford and most of South West Surrey.

Address: East West Clinic,

9 Dene Lane,
 GU10 3PW

Directions From Shepard and Flock Roundabout At the large roundabout (Shepard and Flock roundabout) go south west on A31 (signposted to Alton) then after about 0.7 mile turn left as if going to the station. Just before the station turn right onto a road running parallel to the tracks. At the t-junction turn left up the hill (and over the tracks). This is Firgrove hill. Continue for about half a mile uphill (in the direction of Hindhead) to the top of the hill and a set of traffic lights. Then cross over in same direction, and the road goes down a hill then back up a little. You have now reached Lower Bourne. You should see a SPAR shop on your left. Turn left there onto the road called Lodge Hill Road then take an immediate right onto the rough road: Dene Lane. You are nearly there. A playground and cricket/ football area should be on your right.
Coming down Dene Lane from the direction of Frensham Road and Lodge Hill Road my house is 3/4 down the portion of Dene Lane facing the cricket green. My drive is just to the right of the large white house.

Parking is available in my drive, on the left hand side or alternatively in the car park on the Bourne Green (thus avoiding Dene Lane that some people do find quite bumpy). The treatment room (Oak door on black timber surround) is on the left as you look at the house

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