Acupuncture for Fertility

I am member of the Fertility Support Company Advanced Diploma Practitioners, which ensures excellent ongoing training and professional support

Acupuncture provides excellent support for couples seeking to improve their fertility. It can give all important rebalancing to hormones and blood-flow in the body, ensuring the optimal development of ovaries, eggs, uterus and sperm. Emotions and stress are balanced and eased to allow a happier and healthier experience, whether following the natural pregnancy route or that of IVF.

Whatever treatment you choose, I always recommend a 3 cycle i.e. 12 week series of sessions. With time even the most complex cases can find imporvement and resolution.


Acupuncture has for a long time been seen as a top level treatment for infertility: providing real improvements and excellent support. The acupuncture points for fertility are chosen to specifically enhance the functioning of the reproductive system.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese Herbal Medicine as also well known to provide a benefit for fertililty treatment for both female and male sides. it can be used as a standalone treatment. It comes in the form of dried herbs which I stock here in the clinic. I have developed a powerful herbal blend that powerfully enhances fertility for known as Ultimate Fertility Formula. When acupuncture is combined with herbal medicine the overall treatment is truly powerful and transformational, and it is often seen as the gold standard in fertility care.

The formula is given in weekly courses of £35 a week. To order the formula you can simply add this on to your acupuncture treatment, or else if you want the formula alone just contact me and I will arrange it from there.

It is vital that both male and female sides of a partnership are addressed:

Fertility specialisations

Male Fertility

This is of course essential at least to consider and if need be treat.

I have taken special couse post-graduate training in male fertility and am convinced that this area needs better support and treatment.

Male fertility is closely associated with many traditional Chinese Medicine categories of disease (often associated with fatigue) making treatment straightforward and effective.

Standard sperm tests plus the more complex COMET tests can be arranged and interpreted.

Treatments offered:
- Acupuncture
- Chinese herbal medicine
- Male fertility coaching

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Female Fertility

I have taken extensive postgraduate training in female fertility, and as a result I am pleased to add a more advanced bio-medical framework to treatment.

This helps me to assess and offer interpretation of hormone and blood tests, vital for understanding aspects about immunology and egg reserves.

Blending this information with a authentic Chinese medicine approach: both of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine it something I am proud to offer female fertility clients.

Separate consideration is also made for associated medical conditions of PCOS and endometriosis.

Treatments offered:
- Acupuncture
- Chinese herbal medicine

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I’ve had a great experience having acupuncture treatments from Jamie recently. He made me feel very much at ease and took time to listen to my various issues. I’d never had acupuncture before but would recommend it for general well being and if you have fertility concerns. This was one of mine....Jamie gave me treatment and some very good general advice and now I’ve just found out I’m pregnant!
I would highly recommend East West Clinic! E., Farnham.

Acupuncture for Fertility FAQ

My transfer is next week, can you still help me?

Basically the more treatments you have, the better things will be. Time is a great asset when it comes to fertility treatment. BUT sometimes circumstances mean that a client become aware they want / need acupuncture right at the last minute. So in that case, it is fine to still come for treatment.
As I just said to a recent client: it is important to just look forwards in terms of planning. There are still significant steps we can make in a week of treatment to make it worthwhile.