Acupuncture and Fertility

Acupuncture has a proven track record in the treatment for fertility, offering excellent support for the process of IVF, and  a variety of effective approaches for those wishing to improve their fertility entirely naturally. Acupuncture can help with fertility in a number of ways. Treatment is best thought of as a long-term approach:  it takes three months for an egg to develop in the ovary, so to make the best improvement we should really think of treating at least three months. In that time the balance of energy is improved, and levels of vitality boosted. when stress plays a part in infertility, then appropriate treatment can reduce the effect of stress. When acupuncture is given as part of a IVF protocol, then it provides invaluable support for the process. Finally sometimes acupuncture is given for conditions that cause infertility: the condition of PCOS and endometriosis are particularly well treated with acupuncture.

I’ve had a great experience having acupuncture treatments from Jamie recently. He made me feel very much at ease and took time to listen to my various issues. I’d never had acupuncture before but would recommend it for general well being and if you have fertility concerns. This was one of mine....Jamie gave me treatment and some very good general advice and now I’ve just found out I’m pregnant!
I would highly recommend Farnham Acupuncture and Wellness! E., Farnham.

Pre-Conception Plan

This time is of immense importance to the process of conception within both eastern and western approaches, when preparation for the process of conception, whether natural or assisted take place.

It allows the energy and physiology of the body to be balanced and useful dietary and lifestyle approaches to be implemented before the time of conception starts. Remembering that it takes 8 menstrual cycles for a follicle to develop into a egg in the ovary, I recommend expecting ideally this time to last 8 or 9 months.

Treatment at this time will be between 2 times a month and weekly depending on circumstance. Treatment for the male partner is also offered to help enhance the process for both. Where specific male infertility is involved with the fertility of the couple as a whole, then a tailor made male fertility acupuncture protocol will be offered.

For those patients with specific conditions such as PCOS or Endometriosis a specalist approach will be taken.

Conception Plan

This time uses the very latest scientific research of both western and eastern approaches to support the process of conception. Weekly or twice per week treatments provide close harmonisation of the body’s energy and physiology. Depending on the patient we will be using either an assisted conception (IVF) acupuncture protocol or else a natural conception acupuncture protocol as the basis of treatment. These protocols themselves have been scientifically verified of being of benefit at this stage, but we add additional approaches beneficial to the individual case. Male fertility is also addressed at this time, with a separate specialist protocol given for those partners who need this approach.

First Trimester Plan

All fertility patients and specialists know that successful treatment for fertility do not just encompass the time up to a successful pregnancy test. It is vitally important to see the process of early pregnancy to the end of the first trimester through with weekly treatment designed to stabilise and enhance the health of the growing baby and the mother alike.

Second Trimester Onwards

After the second trimester the pregnancy is considered stable and working well. Unless other health or pregnancy issues are coming acupuncture treatment can still be of use on a occasional basis to assist the health and wellness of the pregnancy.

If it didn't work out

... Then a programme of treatment can be offered to help with the couple's next step. Whether the couple wishes to continue with the natural approach or a further round of IVF is being considered, or if the couple wishes to take a break from the process, there will be a treatment protocol to support the journey.

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